Alcohol Sales Premises License – Secured Quickly & Efficiently

Streamline your licensing process and avoid delays. Our experts ensure your application is complete and compliant

What We Do

Personal License Assistance

We can help you obtain the necessary personal license, a requirement for all premises licenses.

Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

We guide you through appointing and ensuring compliance for the DPS role.

Application Preparation

Our experts handle the application process, ensuring all required documents and details are included.

Advertising Compliance

We ensure your application adheres to legal advertising requirements.

Why Secure Your Alcohol License with Ola Leslie Solicitors?

Fast & Efficient Service

Fast & Efficient Service: We prioritize swift processing to minimize downtime for your business.

Increased Success Rate

Benefit from our experience to ensure your application meets all legal requirements.

Expert Guidance

Our team provides clear explanations and support throughout the entire process.

Competitive Fees

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

Simplify Your Licensing Process

  • Avoid costly delays and potential application rejections.
  • Focus on running your business while we handle the legwork.
  • Ensure compliance with all licensing regulations.