How Bridging Loans Can Expedite Your Property Purchase

Graphic depicting keys and a house symbolizing a property purchase, with bridge in background representing a bridging loan.

Every investor always wants to buy a property with a buy to let mortgage, it’s the most affordable  way of expanding your property portfolio. On our side of the fence, we sell property at a good  amount of discount with the aim of selling them quickly, investors looking at bridging loans can  buy far quicker than those wanting to mortgage. 


A bridging loan essentially allows investors to beat the rat race and get the best property deals.  


Bridging loans are available from a wide range of advisors and lenders. They typically can’t be  sourced by high street banks or comparison sites, as they need to be tailored to your specific  needs and financial situation. 


The process of applying for a bridging loan is usually much faster than applying for a mortgage,  offering greater flexibility. However, lenders will still be required to check factors like your credit  history, your mortgage commitments, and the values of your current and prospective home.