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Solicitors Open for Business amid Covid 19 / Corona Virus lockdown

Solicitors Open for Business amid Covid19 / Corona Virus lockdown

We are keen to ensure that our clients and our people are fully informed about what we have been doing to look after them during the course of the current regulations relating to the lockdown, social distancing and so forth.
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Since the UK went […]

Remote Independent Legal Advice Solicitors

Remote Independent Legal Advice

When you purchase or remortgage a property, there may be some elements which require receiving independent legal advice from a different solicitor within a different firm. A third party connected with your transaction may require independent legal advice as your acting solicitor cannot advise the both of you due […]

Bridging Loan Solicitors in London; members of FIBA (Financial Intermediary & Broker Association)

Bridging Loan Solicitors in London; members of FIBA (Financial Intermediary & Broker Association)

Bridging Loan Solicitors in London
For the right person and in the right circumstances bridging loans can be a useful and convenient form of funding. Bridging finance can be obtained for instance where a property owner wishes to purchase a new home […]

Do you need help with certifying your photos on a passport application?

Passport applications ask applicants to have their photographs certified by a professional using their official stamp, i.e. a solicitor / lawyer, commissioner for oaths, justice of the peace, notary, doctor, accountant, police officer, dentist etc however it isn’t always possible to obtain this service from these individuals. They may have a policy […]

Solicitors on the legal panel for Monmouthshire Building Society

Ola Leslie Solicitors LLP have been CQS accredited since February 2012 which was shortly after the scheme was launched. This provides mortgage lenders with the assurance that the solicitors who are acting for them and their borrowers will provide a very high standard of work. We also have four partners which is […]